Monday, September 13, 2010


There hasn't been much in a long time. Perhaps I am avoiding spilling what's making me tick, or perhaps finding time to sit at a computer without interruptions is a thing of the past... Regardless, I feel that the substance within this blog is waning.
So here goes:
I am a work in progress. I am an extraordinarily flawed individual. I am working on it, and for those whom I have hurt, my personal regret is amplified. The choices I have made throughout my life are inconsistent at best. My foundation was firm, yet flawed -leaving me in a state of self-worth questioning. The battle to find myself and firmly stand for what I believe in is ever on-going, and sometimes grows weak. My human flaws can eclipse the "incredible" woman I want to be -the woman I mean to be.
...But I have hope...


Kate said...

We all are... don't be too hard on yourself. Your past was a part of the journey. Look at where you are now.... a wonderful husband and 3 beautiful kids. <3

Mary said...

Amen, sister. I wish I had more energy to put toward that purpose.