Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. Noah!

Here's ME on the drive to Layton! :D HOORAY for photo editing! Anywho, on Saturday we headed to Layton for Mr. Noah's (my bro. Dave's boy) 3rd birthday party!

Ella and Mia were super stoked to go. You can see Mia's wink -which means she's anticipating an excellently organized and child-friendly event -as always (someone else planned this).
Lance went too!
The theme was Thomas The Train -and it was intense! Lexie did an absolutely fabulous job with the games and the deco and everything in between...
Here's Brina reaching for my camera!
Here's the table, and that's the birthday boy on the left with the shaggy beach-blond hair! ...That's Granny in the back with her sunglasses.
Noah and cake!
All the boys found their space one way or another... Lance didn't get off so easy.
:)Typical Nolan party pinata! They're so fun! Here's Mia up to bat with Ella behind her.
Lil' tears after the turn ended.
We gave Noah a cute little skate-boarder dude toy thingie. Good luck with that, Lexie!
At the end of the party, the REAL present -LIFE SIZE THOMAS was the biggest hit with every kid there! What a party! Noah is absolutely precious -he's getting so mature (not so big!) and is so stinkin' smart! We had a great time. Happy Birthday, Noah!


Joni said...

Looks like so much fun. I love the Mia wink, how cute is she?!!!

skipper said...

So cute! You guys do such a great job with parties, you all ought to go into business together!

brooke said...

how darling is that wink?! love it!