Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Tessa-Roo!

How the birthdays come and go! Tessa turned 2! Tessie is my sister Rachael's youngest. She is absolutely adorable! If you check out these pictures from the party, you'll see why I put off blogging it for so long! It was incredible -and there are a LOT of pix!

The theme was apples. These are the songs that Rachael sang with the kids on CD to listen to.
Candy and gifts!
Kiddos in the apple-toss game!
Here's Lance and Ella being worms and apples!
We ventured to an apple orchard. Above is Lance pushing Mia during a little down-time.
Token self-shot!
The party was complete with carmel apples. Mmmm.
I did a little editing -here's Sabrina.This is my sister Rachael holding Mia the tree while the kids tickled the apples down!
My Mia.
You did such an amazing job with the birthday! Thanks for the day of fun, and thanks for beautiful Tessa (oh, thanks to Seuao too) in our lives! Happy birthday cutie-pie!


Joni said...

Omg, this looks like such a fun party and little Miss Tessa's skirt is darling, I want one just like it!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, Rachael knows how to give a party. Those are some wicked good looking carmel apples. I wish I had it together enough to do that! Good job, Rach!