Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Graduation

Thursday night I took Sabrina and Granny to SLC for my sister Sarah's graduation. Mom had gone earlier, or she would have joined the folks-wagon. Gratefully, Debbie (mom-in-law/saint) took Ella and Mia for me overnight! First stop was Mimi's Cafe in SLC. It is the BOMB restaurant! Rachael had the place decked out with University of Utah red and black decor. ...So cute!Here's Mom and Sarah at dinner. The family pitched in and got Sarah a Wii as a gift. :)
Brina sat by Dad and had an excellent time.
We made it to Kingsbury Hall after dinner. Here's me with the baby slung on my hip (story of my night) and Sarah's grad. program.
We sat at the tippy top of the balcony, so we got to talk loud and horse around during the whole event (quick shout-out to Rach for the goodie bags from dinner -they made the program SOOO much better!)... Just the way we like it. Here's Rachael and Mary with Sabrina.
Me and Bri!
There's Sarah getting her diploma! Masters of Social Work -amazing.
Left to right: Dave, Lexie, Mary, Dad, Sarah, Rachael, Mom, Me, Granny.
Running around in graduation-mayhem. More hip-slung baby. ...Tired arms, man.
We all wound up at Rachael and Seuao's home where the party continued! There was awesome cake and good conversation. Rach, VERY impressed with the party -you win "Best Sister" award for the week! Sarah, you're wonderful and deserved this special day.


something very bright said...

Party looked like fun!

Unknown said...

Time to fix the date on your camera. But yes, the night was LOVELY! Truly, one of the best nights of my life. :)