Monday, May 10, 2010

Ella's Birthday Party!

The big party was Saturday! We decided that this is probably the last year we can do a big family birthday party for Ella -she really wanted a local friend party. ...Next year, maybe! :)

Here's my birthday girl. Her birthday is actually on Thursday this week, but Mother's Day weekend is an excellent gathering time!
Here's Lance with Bri-Bri.
My dad dawned some fantabulous sunglasses loaned from Sarah! He sported them well.
Ella got a Leapster2 from Grandma and Papa!
Here's the gift committee.
Ella got a new bike from Nanny, Papa and Granny. ...She managed to destroy her old bike, and it's still sitting broken under our camp stove!
Cake and 6 candles! ...Thanks Karen (dear friend) for making the balloon cake for us!
The festivities were complete with a pinata! ...I'd love to never have to do that again. :) Yes, Lance is holding it, as the string was rendered null and void after the first coupla whacks.
Birthday Girl!
Love love love this picture of Papa and Sabrina!
Here's the gaggle of kiddos! Mia was on the road to utter breakdown.
After the party, Lance and my brother-in-law Seuao went golfing. This gave me some time with my family to hang out! Here's my sweet Mia giving her baby some loves (I'd run home and given her a quick bath so that she could refocus and get her mood back in check!).
It was a lovely day -and we had a wonderful time spending the occasion with family.
*To our family, thanks for your support of our little girl. Thank you for loving her and for helping her to feel special for her birthday!


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Ella! Looks like a fun day. My oldest just turned 6. Where is the time going?!

Joni said...

Happy Birthday Miss Ella! Such cute pix!!!

something very bright said...

That picture of Mia is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great day for an outdoor birthday party--and that's the best with a large family with lots of little kids! Happy birthday, Ella!