Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas, 2009!

This has been such an incredibly beautiful holiday. WARNING: there are a bazillion pix on this entry, but I had to document the love -and steal some of the great pictures Mary took too...

Here's me and Lance on Christmas morning. I love this picture. This is our little family posed at my parent's house before the song we sing as we march into the tree... This has been a family tradition my whole life. There's always a picture, but this time, we have Rach in the back posing for Mia. :) Back to chronological order to keep my OCD brain straight, here is the scoop. Christmas Eve day we spent a little time with my family -and Grandmother (Dad's mom) had come for the holiday. She was very gracious and loved loved loved to hold Sabrina.Chaedon has created a bit of a monster with Ella now posing all the time with her tongue out. No bueno.This is a Christmassy-festive Mia-babes! Me and Lance. Sabrina had quite a bit of excitement and took a snoozer. ...Note the painted nails? I got all three girlz done (It's CHRISTMASSY!!!), but my own took one for the team. :(The evening with spent at Lance's family's home. ...This was new, as Christmas Eve is usually done on my side. I committed to this though instead of being sad about what I missed with my family. We had a splendid time and the food was divine (typical)!We had the whole family gift exchange. Here's Mia with her new robe! Chaedon dispensed gifts and opened all his gifts here, as he spent the night/ next day holiday with his mom. I promise, Ella's hair was cuter at the beginning of the day! Ella -future rock-star- got a little recording studio deal. It's a freakin' awesome toy, and she absolutely LOVES it! Funny picture, here's Ella and her cousin Aneesa. :) Christmas morning! MY TREE HAS NEVER LOOKED WORSE!!! This season has been ROUGH on the tree. It's been re-decorated a few times after Mia rearranged things, but I couldn't keep up. Next year it'll look totally different (maybe with a gate around it). After opening gifts, Lance's parents came over to check out the loot and have some of my yummy holiday breakfast casserole. Good times! This is a funny picture of Mia -probably opening a gift with more clothes! :D Lance looks adorable in this picture -he must have been thinking about how charming I am! Here's one of my crafties! All three girls got a magnet board with their names on them. ...Obviously she got "Candyland" too! We decked Sabrina out for the day. ...The dress is a classic Ella number. She's so stinkin' smiley, I LOVE it! Here's Ella --typical schmootz on her face to boot! *Look at those shining eyes! We went to my parent's home and played some Christmas Yahtzee!

I liked this shot -it's me and Lance during gift-opening at my parent's home.We got some great pictures of my beebeeBri!

Granny-Loo! (That's Rach's hubby Seuao in the background)
Mom surprised Dad, who has now joined the technological world of POWER snow removal this season, and Dad surprised Mom with a trip to Florida this spring (Grandmother is holding my cute Sabrina in this pic)!!
CHRISTMAS JOY! ...AND MORE FACE SCHMOOTZ! *Everyone had nose issues, btw. Ella hurt hers in the garage when dad got his gift, Sabrina had hurt hers a few days earlier toppling off the couch (woops), and even Lily got swiped at by a dog (see last picture)!
Me and Lance. :)
Ella and myself -after she converted me for a funny-face picture.
Me with Ella and Mia. Geeze, I just don't notice the crap on Ella's face until it's put on the internet for forever-keeping!
Here are a few more fun pix of me and Bri.I hope your holiday was wonderful. Christmas ROCKS.


mommynolan said...

It was great wasn't it?

Mary said...

You had some great pictures, too! It was a good holiday.

Kate said...

I love all the pictures! You have never looked more beautiful, Becca. Your family looks so happy.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christams Becca!! I loved all the pictures. You'r girls are so cute.

Ashlee said...

Loved, loved, loved all the pictures and descriptions. Such a cute family. The one with Ella and her cousin by the tree is priceless. I have one of me and my brother making similarly cheesy faces. Cute, cute. I like the shots with you just being with the girls. How beautiful and happy you look!

wendy said...

Hey Becca, its me Wendy,I peeked at your blog from Mary's..totally enjoyed your pics, you are so funny!!! You look so good and happy! It's good to see you even though not in person.

Colette and The Chickenwings said...

Love the pics. And puh-leez, girlfriend...if your tree looks terrible, my was a train wreck (and I was thinking my tree looked okay this year...but jeez, thanks for bringing me back down to earth ;o) Loved the craft magnet boards and the messy, but cute-faced Ella in the silly face shot. You have to be the most photogenic lady on the planet. You always look Gorgeous (yes with a capital G)