Monday, November 2, 2009


Oh my goodness was it ever a BUSY and awesome Halloween this year!! The festivities started with the "parade" spiel that the PM Kindergarten (the whole school had another one at 9:30, but these PM'ers got one all to themselves (thank goodness)) put on. Above is my darling Ella-Boo with the costume that MY MOTHER made for me in 1st grade! Holy schnozz-BLAST FROM THE 80'S BAYBEE.

Here is the hair masterpiece. Yes, I got nervous because time was running out. Why, you might ask? Because Lance had some CRAZY idea in his head that we should do her hair like a pumpkin stem. Now, after quite a lot of convincing, I went for it, but by a miracle (and last-minute poor planning) there was no hair-spray paint to be found in the stores we looked in. Sorry, Ella! She kept saying "I want to go with Daddy's plan!". OUCH.
Here she is lined up with the parade kiddos. Good times.
The next day (Halloween day) my sister Mary had come up to town to take our family pictures for the Christmas card. I'll give you a sneak peak on my next blog entry (they look amazing, Mary!!!). We took some random shots with our camera while Mary worked her magic with her own much more expensive and luxurious camera. :) Above, the Lancenator.
Here's my baby boy Chaedon and Ella -his worshipper!
Here's Mia, Chaedon, and Ella. It was next to IMPOSSIBLE to get Mia to hold still- as this WAS prime nap time, and the leaves were beckoning to her like candy.
Sabrina and Lance. CUTE picture!
Here I am trying to hold my crazy Mia down from jumping into the leaves again. BTW: HUGE SHOUT OUT TO MOM FOR MAKING THE SUPER CUTE FLOWERS FOR THE GIRLZ HAIR! LOVE YOU, MOM!!!
Me and Chaedon. :)
We went straight to Lance's parent's home for home-made pizza and donuts/ hot chocolate. Here is Lance's sister's family (left to right): Scotty-Too-Snotty (as Wolverine), Chazzy-Bear (firefighter), Aneesa (Witch), and a VERY pregnant Candace as a garden gnome. ...KUDOS for the absolute best preggo costume I've EVER seen! She rocked it.
The kids all went trick-o-treating around the neighborhood. I skivvied off to the "Trunk-O-Treat" that my mom's ward was doing with Sabrina... to spend some more time with Mary. Sabrina and I came back and hung out with my in-laws for a few (Mia stayed too) until everyone came back. Here she is trying to eat her pumpkin costume.
After all that hooplah, we went home. Lance had gotten the night off and sent me away with my friend Erin to hang out. We had SO much fun!! She was a devil, and I borrowed some of her angel garb to dawn for the event. This is us -just precious. ...See my halo? :) Notice the little red bow between Erin's horns? We thought it was particularly fitting -so she swiped it from my girl's collection! Heh heh.
Halloween is a good time. My mom has ALWAYS hated the idea -doesn't like the idea that people turn into other people and give themselves more freedom to do things they might otherwise not do, etc. I don't agree, but that's okay mom. It's nice to be someone else for a night. It's fun for kiddos to do something out of the ordinary (imagine how boring life would be?!) and look forward to. It doesn't have to be about super gross and scary things (bleh, not my fav -notice my 3 lil' pumpkins?), but can be what we make of it. I'm grateful for a reason to gather -a mile-marker and memory-maker for those who embrace it. Happy Halloween, everyone. ON TO CHRISTMAS!


Mary said...

Cute! I'm glad I got to spend some time with you, too! :o)

Anonymous said...

Way fun! ...and you look fantastic!!

Joni said...

Looks like fun!

Unknown said...

I remember my turn in that costume! It's definitely crazy to see another generation in it... cute pictures!

Ashlee said...

Cute Cute!

mommynolan said...

Isn't nice that we are not all the same? I am glad you guys had some good clean fun! Happy Halloween!