Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Okay okay okay!! School started yesterday. Did I get a picture of Ella? Of course not. I figured a "2nd day of school" shot would suffice, but who forgot again? ...The post-partum no-brained mommy o' tres. Poor Ella.

I WILL take a picture -because she's so darn cute- but the significance has disappeared a scoche.

I was at the doctor yesterday morning getting water pills (swollen like you wouldn't believe) and potassium. FUN! Baby is doing well and is in all the normal ranges -low for weight, higher for height, but she's doing well. I had a TON of energy to start, but it depleted quickly as the water packed on. It was the same situation when I had Mia... My nursing days are probably over, but it's all good. I'd rather have energy and NOT be prone to blood clots (lame-o).


Jessica said...

Sounds like a familiar baby and sending a Kindergatener off. Alley started school on Monday and it's been crazyness. Dont try and do to much, you need your rest, love you and glad all is well.

skipper said...

Hooray for school! Don't stress too much about the picture thing, just take one in the next week or two and when she's ten tell her it was her first day. She'll never know the difference (I'm speaking from experience, of course :)