Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bear Lake 2009

It was Sabrina's first big outing! The fam-dam-bly went to Bear Lake on Saturday a a fun get-together as well as to celebrate Dave's birthday (more on that later)... Here's Mia-Babes!
I got a shot of me in the the car, but Ella insisted on hiding! Gruff! *We rode with Mom and Granny -THANK YOU!! I figured that on Bri's first big car ride I should be available -instead of behind the wheel...
Here's Ella and Nanny on the boat. No, I never made it on the boat this year. I am bummed -but needed to be close to Mia and Sabrina. Next year, FO SHO.
Ella and Kimmy (Lexie's sister)!
Dad's shirt.
Here's Lily and Noah!
Sarah took this shot of me at our little picnik.
Mia had a BLAST in the water. She's such a little fish!
*Love this shot.
Here's Mia and Tessa playing in the sand -which believe me, got EVERYWHERE.
It was an excellent trip and we had some great family bonding time. I think that as kids get older these events will be a little less chaotic and a little more relaxing! In the meantime, they're fun memories as they are. :)


Joni said...

You are seriously so amazing. Just had a baby and already out doing the BL trips and looking gorgeous to boot!! Looks like so much fun!

skipper said...

That looks like good big fun! I can't believe how great YOU look (so soon after baby) and that you made it on such a major outing! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

I second every word of 'MamaJB'! And it sure does look like fun!!

~Jake, Brianna, Jocelyn, and Carter~ said...

Um . . . so I am WAY out of the loop and just barely went through your last few posts (because my life just recently slowed down enough to blog again) and saw you had your BEAUTIFUL BABY! Yay for you! That story sounds horrific, but I am so glad you got something worth it in the end. Way to go, Becca! Congratulations!

Mary said...

Man . . . I'm so jealous I didn't get to go. I'm glad everyone had fun!