Saturday, July 18, 2009

Christian and "the list"...

Okay Okay Okay! So this pregnancy has me all in a tizzy over good-looking men. I'm SORRY. Rachael had observed lately that I seemed to refer to these scrumpy delights more often than normal, and I have to admit, it's true.
YES, I normally have my 'Lance-Blinders' on, and I still do see him as the sexiest touch-able man EVER. *LOVE you, babe!* However, "the list" still exists in my frenzied head.

...You all know "the list" of which I speak, and I don't feel it bears any explanation. Lance and I were watching "The Dark Night" this afternoon, and I couldn't help myself but to oogle at Christian (whom I have been pretty faithful to since his "Newsies" days) and appreciate the finer aspects of the incredible physical specimen that he is. Scrumpy scrumpy scrumpy.

Lance is awesome.
Thanks for putting up with my pregnant craziness. :D


Anonymous said...

I would not disagree with you.

something very bright said...


Joni said...

Hello Yummy man! How could you NOT oggle that???!!!