Wednesday, February 11, 2009 from Lance...

"As I finished feeding Mia her oatmeal I picked her up from the high chair placed the front part on the table (well Becca's makeup case). Put the unused portion of oatmeal on the table. Then I turned to take her in to change her butt I heard the high chair piece start to fall, in slow motion it continued to slide down the make up case and toward the oatmeal. Oh no came out of my mouth, do I lunge for it, thinking of the 40 pound baby on my left side I wasn't sure i would be able to stop my momentum. Do what you're gonna do I thought. Just then inches away from the bowl of oatmeal it was stopped by the high chair, whew crisis averted. I turned to take Mia in and change her and that familiar sliding sound started a few more inches plop goes the oatmeal, but hey it landed right side up, and then the the high chair front followed hit the bowl flipped it up. So after i cleaned the oatmeal off the fridge and floor I felt I should share this moment with you, I don't blog so there ya go. Love you all Lance"