Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I took the girls Trick-Or-Treating at work. It was good times. Mia was SO tired, this is the only shot I got of her! :( She was a lady-bug. I love the foot propped on the tray! Ella was a pirate. We didn't bother putting facial hair on her -she'd had that earlier for her pre-school party. She was a pretty pirate! AARGH!
*That's my senior team lead in the back -Trent. Funny guy! Here's my boss Jessica -she was a cow-girl. Can you imagine sitting next to this woman everyday? Not good for your self-esteem! ...She's one of the prettiest girls I know. To my other side was Uncle Fester (my quiet buddy Shane who giggles at us girls without adding much opinion)!!! I LOVE The Addams Family -in fact, here's a little known fact: Addams Family Values is one of my favorite flicks! I should have been Debbie Jellinsky from the agency! "Don't I deserve love.....and jewelry????"

I went out with my girls for the evening! Above is my dear friend Jami-Loo, beggint me not to snap the shot!m She has the best hair ever.
Here's my ever-fabulous BFF Erin. She was a school-girl with a hint o' naughtiness.
I was a wench. Ha! Happy Halloween folks!


Lexy said...

BEck you look so cute in that costume! Very pretty lady! ELla looks so cute I wish I could have seen those two! Take care love you!

Joni said...

Too cute! I love your costume!