Thursday, October 9, 2008

To Love And Lost

I believe that meeting my husband and his family has been the best thing that could ever happen to me. I love each of them so dearly. Lance's mom is beautiful. She has the most graceful and generous spirit. I've never seen someone who wants to help so much. Debbie loves deeply and has a forgiving and free spirit. Donny is tough as nails -but as soft as a teddy-bear. I've watched him cry, I've watched him pull out some rap and dance-moves that would shock some people! He has loved me like a daughter from the moment I stepped into his family, and never had any reservation about telling me how beautiful I am. Candace is among my dearest friends. She is so honest and straight-up with how she feels. She is an incredibly loving mom and wife -and is crazy fun to hang out with. Her hunny Scott is among my dearest friends as well. He has my perspective on being married to this family. He is hilarious, full of useless information, tons of musical facts, and sings like a rockstar. Lance's big brother John is the life of the party when he's around. He lives in Price and I don't see him much. The last time I saw him, he was incredibly kind to me, which is a sweet closure.
Thank you Lance, for sharing these incredible people with me. They're a part of my heart and always will be.


Teri said...

What a beautiful perspective. You are such a dear friend. We love you!

skipper said...

Thank you for letting me into your amazing life. I'm so sorry for your current trial but I'm so glad that you have such a large circle of people who you love and who love you. As alway, our prayers are with you!

mommynolan said...

It says a lot about your true self that even at this difficult time you can recognize the silver lining of this storm cloud. the storm will pass and the Son will shine again, I promise.

Joni said...

Lance's family has been lucky to have you in their lives as well. You are a blessing to them, your kids and your own family and don't ever forget it.

Hev said...

Love you girl! Keep that positive attitude! I'm here for you!