Friday, August 1, 2008

Uncle Richard

My dad's brother Richard passed away two nights ago. Dad flew out to California to help take care of business and hopefully execute Richard's funeral requests within the time-frame he has. Richard led a very troubled life -and he is so un-like my dad it's crazy. He came out as a homosexual during college, and had a particularly hard time with acceptance within his family. I don’t believe my dad didn’t accept him, but rather ignored that aspect of him. Richard had a lot of difficulties with health, and ultimately has been laid-up living with Grandmother for most of his life. As Grandmother was his care-taker, he took a lot of grief for being a “drain” on her. It breaks my heart that he lived such a sad life, and was never able to find a peace or happiness that I believe everyone deserves in this life. I remember once noticing that Richard had the same hands as my dad. I told him so… it seemed to mean a lot to him. I lost a brother, and though Richard and my dad weren’t as close as I was to John, he must be feeling some of the same deep sorrow, regret, and loss. I’m so sorry dad. God speed, Uncle Richard, may you find your happiness now.


Joni said...

I'm so sorry for your families loss. Sounds like he had a lot of challenges in this world, I have no doubt that he is now at peace.