Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Okay, so Stephanie Meyer is my new hero, and the “twilight” series books are beyond amazing. They’re not some magnificent story that is outside of anyone else’s realm to dream up –but the way it’s told is so beautiful to me.
I believe this is part of her appeal. I may have fallen victim to the “trend” & popularity so-to-speak of these stories, but I just have so much of Bell (the character telling the story) in my heart that I feel what she feels with her. I’m not much of a reader and I read very slowly at that... I did read the full Harry Potter series –and LOVED them, however, this one is completely captivating to me on such a different level. I’m grateful for literature like this that can create a different world to step into –even for a brief time.
I just finished “new moon” and will be starting on “eclipse” tonight.
The newest one, "breaking dawn" is all over the place –and the big deal is just that. They’re a fantastic story, and I highly recommend them. By the way, thanks Adele for loaning them to me! I’ll be an owner soon!


matt&meg said...

you succombed (sp??), and im sure I will too, and soon. I want to fall in love with a vampire, right? who doesnt!