Friday, August 8, 2008

So this weekend is supposed to be a big camp-out with the fam-dam-bly –on Lance’s side. It’s in Logan canyon, for two nights. I’ve been chatting with Candace (my sister-in-law, Lance’s sis) about the plans, and she has a list of what my family needs to bring. Lance isn’t working this weekend, so we’d be all set to go… Except… Neither of us is feeling it at all. Perhaps it’s because we’re SO beat from having such an insane schedule this summer. However, quality time with Lance’s parents doesn’t come around too often, and there are a thousand reasons TO be there. Lance worked all night, and will nap when I get home from work today. I’m sure once we both hit “weekend-mode” we’ll both want to get our gear together and head for the hills. In the meantime, for NO good reason, I’m just not feelin’ it. Someone pull me out of my funk, it’s freakin’ FRIDAY!


Kate said...

I dare you to buy a hat like that for Lance. That will pull you out of the funk!