Monday, August 11, 2008

Camping with the In-laws!

The weekend turned out fantastically! Yes, Lance and I did make it to Logan Canyon after getting our butts in gear. Lance said he wasn't feelin' spending the first night up there, but I insisted we bring the gear "just incase" he changes his mind. He did, and I knew he would! :) What surprised me was that I did too! I'd planned on going back to Logan for the night with Mia, but we stayed. It was a BLAST!
Mia is a terriffic little camper! There was birch at the campsite -and the fire was warm and long-lasting.
The kids kept themselves busy playing in the river. Here's Aneesa and her cousin (from Scott's family) Quailey.
Left to right: Quailey, Aneesa, Mia (turned around), Chaston, Ella, and Quailey's little sister who came to visit for a few hours, Oakley.
My two eldest. Why does Ella look so perplexed?
Okay, here's the story: Max The Dog was along for the adventure. Apparently for no good reason, Max has taken the "protection" of Mia upon himself to a bit of a serious degree. He snapped at Quailey -right in front of Debbie (his owner/ bff), but didn't get her. It sure scared her though. Later, as Chaedon was talking about how protective Max was being over Mia, he reached into the crib. Next thing I noticed, he pulled away really quickly, and had his hand on his cheek --then blood. Bless his heart, the cut was DEEP! Chaedon tried to "man up" a bit, and say it didn't bug him and that he was alright, but good grief, you can be scared and cry when a dog attacks you! Poor Chaedon. Lance took him to the ER (Miss Caitlin went with them) for stitches. They had to report the incident to the police and everything. It took them several hours. :( Max was chained up for the rest of the campout, and Debbie decided that he doesn't go again without a muzzle. The whole situation is really unfortunate, but hopefully with the stitches, Chaedon won't scar too badly and someday he'll like Max again! He was very cautious the rest of the time there, and wouldn't touch Mia if Max was anywhere close. Chaedon got antibiotics and a Tetanus shot. He had to avoid some activities that would cause him to use a lot of expression in his face -that stopped him from chopping wood, but NOT from having fun with all the kids! What a doll.
My Scotty-Too-Snotty.
Lance and his mom.
Chaedon (pre Max-attack) and Caitlin.
Candace and Papa.


Joni said...

What a fun weekend! I am so glad that you and Lance are so close to your families, it is so important!