Monday, June 2, 2008

Ugly Frog's Last Day

Oh, ugly frog. The saga comes to a sad and surprising end. So I get home the other day and Ella has a can of my Minute Maid Light Raspberry Passion out, and my mind starts racing –the eyes start darting –THERE HE IS!!! Ugly frog returns! Ella had him out playing in her little pool with her (on one of the FEW warm days we’ve had here). Well, Ugly Frog makes it inside, and ultimately out to lunch with Lance and myself.
*This is Ugly Frog on Lance’s shoulder at Iggy’s, note both eyes are missing.
Funny, Ella and I wound up at Sam’s Club (I swear, I keep them in business) later in the day. OF COURSE I’m going to go back on my word on bringing toys into stores –we want to lose this one… I was conscious of Ugly Frog the whole time, and as she accidentally left him under a rack of clothes (shopping with Ella is an experience), I smiled as I walked away from Ugly Frog for the last time. It’s fate that he’d wind up here. Oh, some poor maintenance schmo will pick him up and curse the parent who would buy this hideous thing for their child, but that’s not my problem now. Ugly Frog put up a good fight, and even went to lunch with the family trying to get into my good graces... Bwa ha ha ha!! All for naught! Ugly frog is no longer a part of our household, and there are no tears shed in this corner. (sorry Ella)


Joni said...

Ha-ha! That is too funny; however, I must admit that I am sad to see the saga end.... It's like coming to the end of the Harry Potter books! Who knows, maybe ugly frog will find his way home and the saga will continue!!