Tuesday, June 24, 2008


In the interest of Father’s Day having just passed, and Dad’s birthday coming up, I wanted to say a few things about my Dad. We grew up in a very strict household, where standards and expectations were clear. My Dad is a prosecuting attorney, who was once Garfield County Attorney (yay Panguitch!), once a Logan City Attorney, and is now working for Mark Shurtleff in the Attorney General’s office. Dad was also a Stake President for the Cache West Stake here in Logan for around 9 years. I guess through this experience, you could say that he’s seen some of the not-so-good side of life. Dad isn’t easily won over, and (although he’s getting better at not showing it) can be skeptical of people you bring around his house! He commutes to SLC every week, and rents a room from my sister during that time. He’s back in Logan on weekends. Dad is a movie hound. He likes to go to see new flicks every weekend, and anyone is welcome to join him on the trip. *Which is really quite generous, however, I am unable to go most of the time due to kiddums that don’t necessarily cooperate in a theater setting. My Dad is quiet, and has a very low voice. I remember on multiple occasions having him come into my room when I had friends over, looking past them, directly at me, and with his stern voice saying “it’s time for your friends to go home”. WOW –I didn’t have a friend who wasn’t terrified of him.
Dad and I have had a rocky relationship for most of my life. I guess it wasn’t until the last few years that things started to change. We lost John, my brother, in 2002 (I’ll blog about that another time). After that, I believe that we all seemed to pull together and appreciate each other more. I married Lance, and had Ella, which slowly turned things around for us. Dad was meant to be a papa. The pressure is off of “raising amazing kids” –which he did (not to toot my own horn), but to just enjoy the presence of someone there just to appreciate his. The grandkids in his life don’t depend on his paycheck, on his spiritual guidance, on his rules, or his care… I think this is key in being able to step back and simply take someone in and enjoy them for who they are.
I have always known that Dad doesn’t make decisions for his family without careful thought. I’ve never met a man with more integrity. He has always had the best intentions. Mistakes or not, Dad only wanted the best for each of his children. Dad is a very dedicated and spiritually insightful person. I’m grateful for a father that I am proud of. I am grateful that he and my mom stayed married through all of their hard times. I am grateful that I have an example of hard work, of a sound testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, of the value of education, of sincere hope for the best for one’s family without selfish gain. My parents amaze me, and the product of their work is in these words. I recognize it. I hope to someday emulate the same kind of values I was raised with, and raise some amazing children myself.


Kate said...

What a sweet tribute to your dad!

Joni said...

What a great tribute to your dad. Isn't it funny how we take them for granted until we have kids of our own? I can't imagine how differently my life would have turned out if my dad hadn't been the amazing father that he is, and it sounds like you have been blessed in the same way!

mommynolan said...

Thanks for expressing your love so openly, I know it will mean a lot to him. Mom