Thursday, May 22, 2008

7 crazy facts about me

I have been tagged by Heidi -my ole' Panguitch Elementary School friend. Bless her heart -she turned out as amazing as I knew she would!

1.) I can bake and not cook. Lance can tell you all about how I can make some fabulous cookies -even yummy banana bread or raspberry buckle, but not so much on the dinners. I have no creativity in this area.
2.) I have a sexy phone voice (or so I've been told...). I've done years of customer service/ sales & training folks which has developed a fantastic sexy phone voice. Hope you don't get me on the line -I'll sell you something. :)
3.) My dad was born in the Grand Canyon, Grandmother married in Sequoia National Park, I have actually a LOT of family history with national parks. We reunion in one every other year.
4.) I like to teach Ella big words so that I feel like a smart mom. She'll surprise you with a sentence like "acutally, that's quite impressive".
5.) I have issues with folks who pronounce the word nuclear as "nucular" (Prez Bush for one!). I am also not a huge fan of Craig T. Nelson -and my family knows this is a sensitive spot.
6.) I haven't voted since I was 18, yet, am quite politically involved. Shamey!
7.) I am the queen of justification. You need help getting over something? Come chat with me.

Now I tag you! Joni, Kate, & Heather!

1. On your post, link back to the person who tagged you - that would be me, in this case.
2. Post your assignment on your blog - seven weird or random facts.
3. Post these rules on your blog.
4. Post links to the bloggers that you will be tagging.
5. Go to those blogs and give them a comment on their blog to let them know that you have tagged them.


Joni said...

Becca- I did it. Not as easy as I thought it would be! Check out my facts!