Thursday, April 24, 2008

To Do Today

So there are a million thoughts running around in my head, and I can't seem to make enough lists. I'm SUCH a list person, and it's nice to know what I need -and have a "plan b" so to speak, for not forgetting. This is often not effective. Although my brain is coming back from the pregnancy (the "placenta-suck" as it has been referred to) I still have scattered thoughts and moments that make me a bit on the less-reliable side. So, today I will snag up the girls and head out to Sams, where I'll pick up the pictures I had taken of the girls and sent for 1-hour printing (over a month ago), pick up some bread, some butter, and will probably be talked into getting a pretzel. Next, we'll head to Michaels where I have some fun Mother's day ideas that we'll attempt to complete this weekend. Finally, we MIGHT hit Walmart for a few odds and ends. Yes, this sounds like a LOT to do in one day --especially on the day for the BEST tv shows (go Office!!!), however, it's better to do it now than have to try to get it done on the weekend. That's when you do stuff you want to do, right? These errands are all pending the potential melt-down of either little girl, which could leave me in a state of hurried frenzy to get back to my safe home where if someone drops to the floor in tears you can walk away without feeling like the worst mom ever to take her children out in public. ...That's a long sentence.


~Jake, Brianna, Jocelyn, and Carter~ said...

I'm a list person too! Hopefully the girls are happy as clams the whole trip and no melt-downs occur. May the force be with you, Becca, in all your shopping endeavors! :)