Thursday, April 24, 2008


Miss Elizabeth is a very observant little girl! Apparently today she ratted me out. Ok, here's the story: This last weekend the girls and I headed out for SLC to spend some quality time with the fam-dam-bly. So I veered off the beaten path at the MAV in Farr West in order to get some "cheap" gas. Well, I hit a road closed sign, and a mess where I couldn't figure out if I was supposed to be able to go through or not, so I went around the sign and pulled in. I got my gas, left, had a fabulous weekend, no biggie. Today Lance called me and told me I was SO BUSTED! I guess Ella was taking notes when I did this, because she told daddy all about how "Salt Lake was closed, but mommy just went around the sign" -and later said "lucky the police didn't see her, she'd be in jail!" WOW!!! Kids rock.