Monday, August 27, 2012

Dave turns 30

My lil' brother Dave turned 30 today.  There is a huge shin-dig/luau planned for this Saturday, which will be a blast.  My thoughts?  I'm OOOOOLD (not to make it about me)...

Davy is so smart.  He's an entrepreneur.  He's a husband and father.  He has a lot of Dad's qualities, like financial savvy, spirituality, and elusiveness.  :)  He has an MBA.  He works in sales, apparently very successfully, owning a beautiful and huge home in Layton.  I remember everything about his youth -from the little blue jumper he wore all the time that wouldn't zip all the way up because he had a huge head- to his "Aladdin" phase- to his band, etc.  I am so grateful to be a part of his life.  He is an incredible person, and it's my honor to call him my brother.

I love you, Dave.  Happy Birthday.


mommynolan said...

I am proud to call him son! He is a "good boy."