Thursday, October 7, 2010


In a few ways, tonight was an eye-opener to the HUGE innocence I grew up with. There is so much evil and sadness and hardship out there. People are cruel, and children are hurt. ...Really hurt.
I am so so so grateful that I went to church every Sunday. I am so grateful that education was an expectation, and it was never even on my radar not to graduate high school. I am so grateful that the influence of alcohol and drugs never entered my home. I am so grateful that I had a foundation that gave me a personal relationship with God ...enough that through all my faults, and all of the ways I have NOT continued in the way I was raised, that he still trusted me with little souls to somehow guide.

My childhood directly affects me as an adult -directly affects who I am, and what (though underneath) I actually stand for. Thank you, Mom and Dad for giving this to me.


Ashlee said...

I'm not sure what prompted this post, but I can totally relate. It is truly amazing to me the evil that exists out there. I learn things and just think 'wow! I am such a wimp for not being able to deal with my minescule problems!' and it also makes me grateful for how I was raised as well. Did you read something about Africa? That continent is depressing.

something very bright said...

Wow, what happened yesterday?

Mary said...

I agree.

Unknown said...

Our parents really are amazing. I sent mom a thank you card, just for BEING supportive to me after I watched conference. So many people would give anything to have the parents we do.