Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Since this entry is about ME ME ME (which one isn't?), I thought I'd mention the girls. The girls make me who I am... I do believe, however, that they got a few things from me:

Ella has my nerve. She's very argumentative and has a quick response for everything I say.

Mia has my sensitivity for others. We both love and hurt very deeply.
Sabrina has my smile. She is still developing a lot of her personality, but she knows how to keep on smiling. :)
This is my "token self shot" -only pic taken of me on my birthday.
Earlier I'd had the opportunity to go out with Candace. This pic was taken that night!
My birthday was actually an excellent day. I'd gone to Candace's for a few minutes and wound up cutting and styling her hair! I styled our friend (and Candace's neighbor) Aeriole's hair too. SO CUTE! We went to my in-laws home for dinner that evening for a magnificent seafood fest! YUMO!
Fabulous birthday. 33 feels OLD.


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Becca! I'm feeling old with you on the 33. I told Tim my other birthdays haven't bothered me but 33! I guess it is bound to happen. :) BTW - you look great.

Lexy said...

you look so pretty in the shot with Candace! Happy birthday!

Kate said...

Happy birthday, dear Rebecca! I hope this year is fantastic for you. xxoo

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! And 33 is *hardly* old!! You're just getting started!

Mary said...

Happy Burpday to you. You look mahvelous.

Ashlee said...

Happy Birthday!!! You look beautiful!

something very bright said...

You look FABULOUS in the bottom picture! Glad that birthday was great!