Sunday, August 29, 2010

To Dave's, To Dave's!!!

Last Sunday we headed to Layton for a fun surprise Birthday celebration for my awesome brother David!!! Here's my token self-shot in the car!Sleeping baby!

Sleeping Ella and Mia!!
The party was Lex's invention -it really did surprise Dave when the whole family showed up on his door step on a Sunday night! Here's Lexie with Phoebes... Phoebe is getting RED hair, and we're all lovin' it!
Cute Sarah with a very tired and attached Sabrina who isn't thrilled -and Mia who is trying to help!
Gorgeous Rachael! Kiddo free in this pic! Go figure!
Ella chipped in on keeping Sabrina entertained!
We all ate and visited. It was awesome. Left to right: Ella, Lily, Noah, Benny (behind the flowers), Mia, and Lexie's back.
Lancey-cakes and Benny-babes. *So cute!
Lovely shot of Sarah and Mom... BTW, thanks for lettin' me steal some pix, Mary!!
Some of the crowd :) Left to right: Dad, Mia, Sabrina, Lexie, Benny, Seuao, Granny, Rach, and Me with my arm up to my face.
My BRI-BRI!!! *Pic taken the actual day before her birthday! Exactly one year from this picture I was screaming. Good times!
Totally worth it.
I love you Dave -thanks for having us!


skipper said...

That looks like a ton of fun! And I LOVE your token self-shot!

something very bright said...

Fun! Cute baby pics, as well.

Colette and The Chickenwings said...

These pictures make me really jealous of people who get to live close to all their beautiful sisters...*ahem*. I hope you always remember how lucky you are while I'm sitting here missing my sisters.

mommynolan said...

What a great family we have! I love it that we can have so much fun together. I also love how you conical all of it for us! Thanks!