Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bryant Family Reunion 2010

Here's the much-anticipated story!
This was my view for 6+ hours -best view in the house, with one exception:
Lance's view!!! NO, I didn't take a demonstrative shot, but this is quite the boob-shirt, and I wore it specifically for the entertainment/ favor-potential of the driver. ...What a great wife?!

Anywho, we left for Bruce and headed down minus one step-son who earlier that morning was siiiiick and needed to go home. :( We did use every square inch of the van for packing, etc., but we missed you, Chaedon!
By early evening on July 22nd, we were getting into Red Canyon ...above is the tunnel that we used to beg Dad to honk in! The drive wasn't too bad all things considered. Sabrina lost it going over the mountain into Panguitch, but we think it was just from the altitude/ ear adjustment.
We made it to our TeePee and unpacked and set up camp. Sabrina was the ultimate trooper, as she lived in the playpen -but kept a happy smile on her little face. When we first got there it was already jacket weather! WOO HOO! *No one digs being dirty from camping AND being hot...
El TeePee!
The inside of El TeePee! After we were settled, we had a weenie roast, and many family members wandered over and said hello!
The next morning we headed out to see Bruce on an up-close and personal level: BY SHUTTLE! We hit the Visitor's Center that is run by the Bryce Canyon Natural History Association, which my Dad has been a member of for years and years.
We saw a few key and beautiful points before returning to camp. Above is Lance and myself on the shuttle.
This was Sabrina's only morning nap. *NOTE, my blessed Mother offered to take Sabrina off our hands and keep her in her hotel room over nights -which is what made any of this possible. A HUGE shout-out to Mom and Dad for your help with her!
Here's cute Mia on the shuttle! Ella was too busy socializing to be photographed...
This is us at the Visitor's Center -me strolling Bri, and Lance and Ella. Mia must have been wandering... :)
Here's a lovely "posed" family photo whereupon Mia decided to pitch a fit, and we told photogs to shoot anyway, as there wasn't a prayer for moving this little goober.
...She looks sweet...
That night we went out to eat at Ruby's Inn for the "generational dinner" -we were grouped with others from our generation and were able to catch up a bit... Sabrina had the only decent picture from the meal!
After the dinner, we gathered at the conference room at The Grand Hotel (where Mom and Dad stayed) and had "sharing time" -as we all caught each other up on our lives over the last 2 years....There was candy on the tables...
Here's the cute little family picture that was taken of us and later added as an addition to a scrap book for the event (the reunion/ Grandmother's 90th birthday) on Sunday morning.
Off to Panguitch on the 24th! Above is me at the parade (and the side of someone's VERY bruised arm -Mom, is that you??? Are you okay????).
Mia enjoyed herself running around and gathering candy (the bag from the parade mysteriously disappeared the next day...).
*The house I grew up in, Panguitch, Utah!
That night we had a huge dutch-oven dinner. Lance and I were charged with potato duty. We had to do the two ovens separately and then bring them to the family group spot that Dad had rented. ...This worked in Lance's and Seuao's (Lance's right-hand-cooking-man for an hour or so) favor, as they stayed at our little camp to do the 2nd, while Rachael and I struggled with babies. Super fun! Above is the cookie that was made to represent me. I am making the same face that the cookie is making -and it's truly, a dead-ringer. ...Thanks, Sarah! The cookie/ family project was a really fun way to entertain kids and provide some fun visiting time.
Can you tell which kid has been camping??? The next morning was Grandmother's birthday breakfast (I had a horrible migraine, which is why I'm MIA in the final pic) -here she's blowing out a very ugly 90th birthday cake. She was presented with some lovely gifts -especially the scrapbook made by my mother, which was no light undertaking.
I didn't see much of Grandmother during this reunion, and we spoke for maybe a total of 20 to 30 seconds. She was very busy spending time with those whom she wanted to see (as Dad flies her out frequently (see Christmas post, etc.) our family is secondary in priority). My Mom takes this to heart, but it's not a burden she needs to bear anymore --though I understand the mama-bear instinct quite clearly, and see exactly where she's coming from. I have come to a place in my life where I have time for those who have time for me. I consider the reunion an absolute success -no one threw up (VICTORY), and I had an absolutely lovely time seeing adored family members, and enjoying my time with my own family.SOO much work went into this whole event, and my gratitude goes out to all who contributed to its success. Family is so important to me --to us, and I'm grateful that it's been such a deep and serious priority.


Joni said...

I love Ruby's Inn! I love "Bruce" Canyon! I love Dutch oven! I love Family! Looks like the best time ever!!!! BTW, great pix :)

Teri said...

Love the pictures! Thanks for the comment on the blog. "Super-mom" I am NOT, so thanks for the sweet words! You are an amazing mom yourself!

skipper said...

What a fabulous post! Sounds like a fun time was had by all. I have similar "importance" issues in my family and I think your attitude is definitely the best way to go!

Jessica said...

I'm so glad you had such a great family reunion. I remember the last one didn't quite turn out that way!! Your family is adorable, love reading about you guys. You are such a good story-teller.

Mary said...

Well put. Thank you.

mommynolan said...

Good job!

something very bright said...

Good round up! I'm about to do mine...It was SO AWESOME seeing you and your family at the reunion!