Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back To School PAR-TAY!

SO! My Mom decided to throw a lil' soiree' to celebrate Ella going back to school! I couldn't be more pleased... The summer has flown, but that girl has got some cabin fever and needs more structure! YAY for teachers! Above is a busted Brina who found my phone...

Hahaha, she wasn't too excited about me taking the phone away!
Here's Mom!
Mia is my little water-bug. She LOVES playing in the water!
OKAY, I gave her the phone (if I accidentally texted you this evening, THIS is why!).
My friend (Mom's too) Betsy and her kiddos Connor, Logan, and Teagan (plus a coupla spares) came for some hot dogs and swimming.

It was a fun night. As for having Ella ready; from a mental perspective, she couldn't be more ready, and I couldn't be more ready for her to go to 1st grade, which means big changes... However, from a physical perspective, I have not purchased ONE new box of crayons, a new glue stick, new scissors, or even a sheet of paper.
Yeaaaaah, I'll do that tomorrow... While she's at school.


Ashlee said...

Amen sister. Jack is SO ready too.

skipper said...

My kids are more than ready also. I was actually making progress on the school supplies until Chloe went to orientation. Now we have 7 lists instead of 3 as well as all the stupid orchestra stuff. Thank you middle school!