Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Granny

Granny is such an important and beautiful part of my life. From when I was little, I can recall the feeling of absolute excitement and joy when she'd come to Panguitch to visit us in her big brown Thunderbird. Seeing Granny has never changed that same feeling for me. She's one of my favorite people.

Granny is from Tennessee, and still has a touch of her Southern accent. She has coined many a phrase which must be shared:
*Whomper-jawed (learned this word in the context of a tire on a car --it's pretty descriptive)
* I hate it (Granny nonchalantly said this as we gushed over her big vat o' baked spaghetti)
*Well I just lost my appetite (don't discuss gross things at the table -nuff said.)
*Venzeuela (said as it's spelled... there is a hilarious story about a man from Venezuela and a money mix-up)
*Home again, home again, jiggidy jig!
*Oooooo Lordymercyme!
*Remember the laughter and the love Mom asked me to put this banner together for Granny... Not my BEST work, but hard to put major quality out there with 3 kids buzzing around you! Oh, and YES, the banner says 80th birthday --it's what Mom told me to do!! NOT MY FAULT!!! Granny was gracious anyway, but now she has her age advertised on her her garage door, and it's not even accurate -insult to injury- it's a year OLDER!

: / Sorry Granny, it's the thought that counts, right???


mommynolan said...

It was a really great poster, very professional actually. Sorry about the age mix up, it was my fault entirely. we took it down and she said she'd save it for next year. She loved it! Thanks, Mom

skipper said...

Grandmas are the best, aren't they?Love the poster! It was great seeing you at market today!

something very bright said...

Happy birthday Granny! At least you've already done the work for next year.

Unknown said...

Granny is pretty great. Very nice tribute. :)