Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Okay, the other day I was sitting with my sis-in-law Candace and her neighbor (and my friend too) Aeriole... She told Candace to list off all the things she accomplished for the day -because she knows she likes to do the same thing! I secretly said in my brain "me too"! So here it is!

1- Re-write some thank-you's from Debbie to family from Grandma Kay's memorial.
2- Clean out and scrub the fridge (you don't want deets).
3- Mop every hard floor in the house (a project I'd rather scrub toilets and change poopy diapers over).

Huh. The list isn't too long -but I've been taking care of babies too! YAY me. Little mom victories.


Mary said...

Hey--don't sell yourself short. Those are all big projects, and to do them in one day, while taking care of sick kids is very impressive. Nice work.

sharonvictoria said...

Ugh, I need to do my floors too. It really is a horrible chore.

Nicole Barnett said...

Oh, man! Cleaning out the fridge is a huge job! Reminds me I need to do mine. And with kids it gets gross fast. That, and the 2 week-old container of leftover oatmeal that's still sitting in there. Ew. Good job, Momma!

matt&meg said...

I cant wait to have those! Did you know im preg? baby boy due on thanksgiving! Hell ya :) Hope things are good with you!

mommynolan said...

That is more than I got done---without babies. Good for you!

MamaJB said...

Look at you go girl! I love making To-Do lists and get great satisfaction out of checking the items off as I complete them. Looks like you got a lot done :)