Tuesday, July 20, 2010


It's that season again!!! It's the biennial (every two years) Bryant Family Reunion, and this time, it's in none-other than Bryce Canyon, baybee! ---For those who know it as well as I do (having grown up in Panguitch for 8 years), it's Bruce Canyon. It's a familiar term of endearment (Nolanism), reserved for those who love it most. :D

Anywho, my days have been filled with insane list-making, with shop-shop-shopping (all 3 girls attached, WHEW), and trying to appease/ sooth a husband who would rather see the event magically put its self together, and for that matter, magically be finished ("except for when I go golfing")! Men! Tomorrow is my last prep day, and Thursday is take-off.

...Can't possibly be any worse than the last reunion, so there's nothing but sunshine and roses in my book! Wish me luck, and feel free to add any camping suggestions!


Joni said...

Enjoy the "Bruce" and the Hoo-doo's!!! Be safe and have a great time! xoxo

Unknown said...

Here's to hoping for a better reunion this go-round! :)

Lexy said...

I have a suggestion. DOn't bring any sick bugs! HAHAHA. Just kidding we are excited to see everyone!I am excited for a Mia hug.

Teri said...

Have fun!!!