Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Arm Situation

So a few days ago (baaaaaad mom), Ella was getting off the trampoline at my friend Melanie's home. She didn't quite make it down correctly, and landed on her arm pretty bad. I'd been pretty nervous, but not entirely convinced that it was broken. We didn't go in to see the Doctor -they were shut down for the weekend. So on Monday I reached his office, who referred me to the Radiology dept at the hospital for x-rays. I had to make a few phone calls that night to get someone to speak to me! I did finally speak directly to my family doctor, who didn't sound too worried because he figured the radiologist would have contacted him if it were broken....
Not so much.
I got another call about 1/2 hour later that said it was a "buckle fracture" close to a growth plate in her wrist, and she needed to see a specialist for casting -or potentially a surgical correction. Frazzled mom.
We were chillin' at Candace's for Monday evening, and while Mia was in the pool during all of this, she decided to try and drown twice. I pulled that kid and just swallowed the whining (more frazzle, but better to have my children ALIVE). We left by 9PM. Yeesh!
Ella's cousin Aneesa went with us to the hospital for the x-rays. Excellent moral support!

Today we saw the specialist. We were able to get Ella a splint for her arm so that she can still get dirty and wet and have something left of her summer... It's the right thing for her. 4 weeks, we should have a brand-new Ella.
YES, I feel terrible for putting it off over the weekend. We've been good about the tylenol/ motrin. I hope that she's able to heal now and not feel the pressure and pain she's been dealing with.
Love you, Ella-Boo.


Mary said...

Oh, man. I'm sorry for Miss Ella! I know several pediatric orthopods I'd be happy to hook you up with. If she's not in a lot of pain, I think that's a pretty good sign that it doesn't require immediate surgery. Poor Ella-Boo!

something very bright said...

Yikes! Glad it wasn't a full break though. At least she should have it off before school starts again. Poor Ella!

Joni said...

You're a terrific mom. It's hard to know what to do when these things happen, on one end you don't want to be the mom that runs to the ER every time your kid gets a scratch, on the other, you don't want to overlook something important. You handled it great and I'm glad she is going to heal just fine. Big HUGS to you!!!

mommynolan said...

Poor Ella--Blessed Ella. A splint will ,make all the difference in the world this Summer.
Good Mom!!!

Anonymous said...

Poor Ella! And don't beat yourself up. You didn't know it was a fracture. Good thing it's only 4 weeks and she can do the splint.'re allowed to feel frazzled!!