Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Weekend

We'll start with the best shot! I love love love this picture of Sabrina. The lighting is so interesting to me, and she just looks right through you...

Over the weekend, I got to see my dear friends the Fronks. Here's Teri with my beebee! *GREAT to see you, Teri! SO nice to get together outside of the Fest o' Trees! :)
We spent some time hanging out with family. Some of these pix are courtesy of Sarah, so thanks!
How adorable is Ella?! *YES, she got sunburned. Bad mom.
Auntie Sarah with Brina-babes.
Auntie Sarah with a very dirty-faced Mia!
My family went to my brother's grave-site, but I wasn't aware of the gathering. I will go on my own (time to myself, are you kidding me?) later on... :(
This holiday has always just meant (to me) time spent with family- and since John's death, it still means the same...


Unknown said...

I still wanna see the pictures YOU took over the weekend! Post a Picasa album, eh?? :) I'm glad you were there.

Jessica said...

Sabrina is SOO cute. I love that pink dress and all her cute bows. She needs to be Jace's girlfriend :)