Monday, June 28, 2010


I am having blogging issues! I can't seem to get my pictures to download. Maybe they're too big- I don't know. You'd think that after I've been blogging for this long that I should have it down... Weird.
We have had SO much going on. Since the funeral and the big Bear Lake weekend, we have lost Chaedon to some (Lance's brother's) family in Price, Utah for fun with cousins. If he misses any ortho appointments, he's in trouble! :) We had Lily's (Rachael's 1st daughter) 3rd birthday party, which was a HUGE event. It was absolutely fabulous, and inspires me to be a better Mom in celebrating the joy of having my gorgeous kiddos!

There have been sleep-overs, and swimming, and lots of shopping and running around. Life doesn't slow down, even when blogger (must be blogger's fault) does! I will probably post a grand-master-catch-me-up soon, but it looks like I'm stuck for tonight. For my faithful blog readers, I haven't forgotten you! I love that I have this record for myself and for my family, but on a few different levels, I LOVE that I get to share it with friends and others who are interested enough in my small life to sit a spell and read the words that come from my crazy head. ...Thank you, blog friends. :)


something very bright said...

Sounds like you're having a fantastic summer so far! Glad you're back!

Mary said...

I'll volunteer Allen to work on your computer if you'll give me your extra phone. I have missed your life commentaries; I hope you can get back to it soon!