Sunday, May 2, 2010

On The Floor???

When I was a wee-lass back in the ole' dayz, jumping on the bed was punished with a severe night "in the hall" where we slept on the floor. I remember thinking it was a terrible punishment (though don't remember back pain in the morning)... Now, my lovely Ella has decided that it's cool to sleep on the floor, and has been there voluntarily for the last 3 or 4 nights in a row. Someone explain this to me?

***All about the mind-games. Mom, you were a pro. :) Mia wants in on the action! This is before prayers.
Such dolls! (token self-shot: CAN I JUST SAY THAT I LOOOOOOVE PHOTO EDITING?!)


Mary said...

Meeee Toooo.

Rachael said...

Oh man - I swear we spent an entire summer on the floor in the hallway... with just an afghan!

Oh the stinkbugs that must have crawled all over us!

Genius Mom, genius!

Ashlee said...

That punishment would neh-vah work on my boys. Can I tell you how many punishments I have tried that have totally backfired? Sometime I want to write a post about when I tried spanking. That's a pretty good story if I do say so myself. Your girls are adorable btw :)

Joni said...

As always, the pix of your girls are darling, but I also have to add that I LOVE that pillow case.... So dang cute! Oh yeah and I would have totally loved sleeping on the floor as "punishment"!!!

Jessica said...

I let me girls do "sleepovers" on Friday and Saturday nights. They make beds on the floor in Alley's room and watch movies. There is nothing they look forward to more!!!

mommynolan said...

The rest of the story. If they could not respect their beds, they didn't get beds. It was a cold concrete floor with just a thin pad and carpet. Every "jump" doubled the number of days. they got up to 27 at one point. I know they did not serve out their full sentences but they obviously never forgot the lesson either. Warm comfy beds are a privileged and a blessing! the stink bugs were just by chance and served for drama, punctuation, and motivation.
I love you all! Mom