Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools

Okay, so the real joke was the fact that tonight was Ella's "SPRING" concert, mid-snowstorm. That's some serious bull*&^%. ...The snow, not the concert. The concert was actually cute. My adorable Mom came along to support me and kiddo #1. :)

Here we are! *HORRIBLE SHOT OF ME, but Mom looks great, so I'll give her this one!

Terrible lighting. I'm no fancy-pants photographer, so you can make Ella out by her "Girls Rule 24-7 top.
Oh, man it's so hard to see, but this little 1st grader was a HAM! SO stinkin' cute! The kids sang a song called "I like my feet" and he went out in front and danced in front of everyone! He went to the side and shook some kid's hand, he waved (see pic) to the crowd; he was the major talent of the evening. Precious.
...Makes me wonder what kind of parents he must have. How do you instill so much confidence in someone? How do you let them know that regardless of any prejudice a little boy like this could potentially run into -he's the bee's knees, and will probably have more friends than he can count? How do you nourish that personality so that that child will just sparkle and make other parents wonder how amazing you are?
Food for thought. Happy "Spring" Concert/ April Fools, my peeps.


Joni said...

"That's some serious bull*&^%. ...The snow, not the concert." You crack me up Becca!!!!

mommynolan said...

That was fun! And thanks for the picture. Ella was the star of the show for me but that kid was darling!

Jessica said...

I wonder that same thing. I've decided that kids are just born that way!! I really think it's true though...not just telling myself that!

Anonymous said...

I didn't even recognize you in that shot. Looks like you have a huge wad of gum in your mouth! :) But fun times for Ella.