Monday, January 4, 2010


Oooooh, man. I can't believe that another year has scrambled away from us. I had SUCH big plans for 2009, but I was pregnant, and nothing counts when you're pregnant. Chocolate? Bring it. Exercise? BAH! -Too uncomfortable with another PERSON in your body.

Well, Becks... that person is out. No 'but it's the HOLIDAYS' excuses either! This is the year of a NEW ME!!!

I must say, New Years Eve was a great kick-off point, but I have some decisions to make. I took Sabrina and Mia down to Layton to spend some time with my brother Dave and his family at his house -along with the rest of the family coming too... We had an absolute blast!Grandmother had a great time kicking it with Bri-Bri. Where was Ella? WITH LANCE!! WOO! He wound up with the night off (unplanned), and preferred to spend time with his family (and me, mine, so I don't blame him!) so he kept Ella and we texted at midnight. ...Romantic.

Lovely Mom.
The "kid" table was a SENSATION!!!! These kids thought it was the coolest thing they'd ever been a part of!
Burnin' the midnight oil, we played some freakin' FUN card games. Noah is a die-hard. :)
This is the demonstration for the "wild-Indian" round at the end of the game. Thanks, Lex! NOW we get it!
Here's Rach!
...And Dave! *It was SOO hard not to revert back to olden days when I used to call him "Beavis", but I didn't do it. You're welcome, Dave.
I told you, Die-hard! ...This pic was taken AFTER midnight!
Rachael's magical math. She won. Legit? I don't know, I don't want to do the math!
There's me. My glasses are ski-wamp. Are they always this way? Someone freakin' tell me, yo?
Here's Noah protecting the two babies! Sabrina is on the left, and Phoebes on the right. Lily isn't feeling the lack of control over the situation.
Here's my Brina-Babes in the BUMBO! ...She loves it.
Took this angelic shot a little later. ...Such a love.
Okay, so resolutions? I'm still debating on whether or not to actually blog them! There's waaaay too much accountability involved... But perhaps that's what I need? You know you can't start resolutions on the weekend, so I thought I'd wait until today. I didn't start today. Well, if you had to go all the way into Sam's Club with an unhappy baby and only buy 2 gallons of milk, you'd pick up a soda too!!! GRUFF.
Resolution #1: no more soda.
Resolution #2: serve a veggie with EVERY dinner I make
Resolution #3: okay okay okay, BABY steps. I will reveal more resolutions as I put together my game plan. I can't just come up with a list of new "rules" for myself, or I won't last a stinkin' week. ...To be revisited.
Hope you all had a fantastic new year celebration!


Mary said...

Good resolutions. I like them, but I'm waaaay to addicted to DC to give it up right now. I like the veggie resolution. Smart. Do-able. And great pics of the party! I'm sad I had to leave early!

Anonymous said...

You guys are partiers! I was asleep by the time the ball dropped. No night owls here. But you all did the night proud. And little Noah? Wow! What a trooper!

something very bright said...

Haha, take it easy! No sense rushing into resolutions if you know it won't help!

Jessica said...

What a fun family you have. Shane and I partied it up on New Years our style (by ourselves)

mommynolan said...

I know I will love the new you. Because I love the old you! but I'm behind you one your resolutions.