Friday, December 11, 2009

The never-meant-to-be Christmas concert!


So, I scored some awesome tickets to the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert featuring Natalie Cole...

Oh, man. This concert has been SO difficult to make happen! It’s been on and off again a number of times, as I have tried to coordinate baby-sitting, rides, tickets, etc. In the end, I had invited Erin to come along -as I was sitting on 4 tickets, 3 of which wouldn’t be used. Erin was able to make arrangements and come along -her sweet mom Betty came too!
We were supposed to meet up with Rachael and Dad (in SLC) along with Mom and Granny -who came from Logan. I arranged for Debbie (THANK YOU SO MUCH) to take her grand-kids Ella and Mia for the night. I kept Sabrina with me, and dropped her off at Dave and Lexie’s (who were unable to go to the concert) until we could swing back for her.

Poor time management on my part, man. We were a bit late… After parking about 5 blocks away -which was literally faster than trying to move in a vehicle down-town- we made it to the concert hall right at 8:00. The concert was starting (btw, the above pic of Erin was taken mid-stride trying to get to some seats!). All the stand-by friends were let in starting at 7:30. NOTE: when they say to come 1 hour early, they mean it!
We went all the way to the top and saw the incredible scene -the orchestra, the choir, the decorations, etc. There weren’t any seats left. Alas, we hung out for a few moments and heard a song or two. Next was potty-break and photo op!!!

We decided then, to go have a looksie around Temple Square. It was just beautiful. …So magical -as I have always remembered it. We took some pictures and went into the old Tabernacle to see some more of the concert. We then made it to the Navoo CafĂ© -which is in the first floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Bldg. and got some delicious food! It was perfect!
Erin's mom Betty

The beautiful Erin

Me (disheveled and unattractive photo! -Happy, Sarah?!)
We took our time, had a great meal, and got to see all the sights. So now, Sabrina is still in her car seat from the ride home -I have to get to bed… NFCP TOMORROW (today) BAYBEE!!!

*HUGE thanks for the family who took my girlz. This was a pretty indulgent and selfish thing for me to get to do -as being a mom of 3 doesn't offer many opportunities to get outta town and do these things... It meant the world that I was able to go. :)


Mary said...

I'm glad you got to get out of town and have a nice evening, even if it wasn't to the intended destination. See you later!

Joni said...

Oh Puh-leeze Becs.... You NEVER look unattractive.... Seriously, who looks that good and calls it unattractive?

p.s. Looks like a fun night, isn't Christmas the best? :)