Monday, December 14, 2009

BUSY season!

I was chatting my friend Betsy up a little while ago and we decided that we needed to get together for a fun little Christmas crafty. NO, I forgot my camera, and YES, I'm not happy about it! We had some home-made mac and cheese (I threw it together real fast, but it turned out pretty good!!!), some devil's-food mint-choco-chippy cookies, and the kiddos painted trees and snowmen! It was a blast!
Conversation with Betsy has always come SO easily, and for that I'm really grateful. She's a dear friend to me. My friends and family are what really make this season so bloomin' wonderful for me. I LOVE it!!


Lexy said...

how fun! I am still waiting for when we make our bells. or whatever wood crafties we end up doing