Tuesday, December 1, 2009

And Baby Makes 5!

This morning at 12:07 AM I got the dreaded call: Aneesa and Chazzy are on their way over! Candace was in labor. Bless her heart, I love her kids -I wasn't functioning on all cylinders, however, and Scotty had to remind me to stay awake during the conversation...

They made it to my house and Scott bolted out the door after kisses and hugs. The kids were actually really good and went right to sleep on the couches without any fuss! I got a call before I really even got back to sleep that the baby had been born -before 1:00 AM!!! WOW!

I get to meet him tomorrow, so I'm excited. Babies rock!

Congratulations, Scotty and Candace. I know how much this baby has been anticipated, and how much he'll be loved. What a lucky little guy. :)


Mary said...

That was QUICK!! Tell them congratulations for me!

Lexy said...

that is so exciting tell them congrats for me and I can't wait to see pics!!!