Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NFCP Planning

Today has been busy. I went to mom's (with le girlz) and we did a bit o' planning for the huge Family Christmas Party. It's always a blast, but December is a tricky month to get things planned. The fam is currently in negotiations for what/when/where any of this will happen.
Right after sending out the email, lots o' opinions started to surface and it looks like it might be harder to plan than we were hoping. If any of my faithful readers have any fun suggestions for kid games or activities related to Christmas, please feel free to leave a comment, yo?


Anonymous said...

Hey, bringing in a Santa is never a bad idea! What about having everyone go in on a 'Secret Santa'? The kids could get involved with that easily. You can ask the children to look through their gently used toys/books to donate to a homeless shelter for Christmas. At our big family get-together we usually have a few games: 20-25 pictures hinting at what Christmas song it is. Everyone writes down their answers and the winner...wins. Not great for young kids, though. How about acting out the nativity? That's always a hit. Good luck! Sounds like a big job you've got!

Teri said...

Gotta love trying to coordinate schedules for big family Christmas parties! Ours is always on Christmas ifs, ands or buts about it!

Festival of Trees this year? Earl and I are going to the opening night festivities sans kids and still want to go with them and you!!!! If you can make it!

I'll be thinking of party ideas!

Unknown said...

I hope we're able to pin it down sooner than later! Best be thinking about what you're gonna build for your Gingerbread house!!