Thursday, November 12, 2009


Ho! Today I took Chaedon to my ex-Orthodontist who did my braces as a teenager. I love him to pieces. He has an amazing wife and children -whom I used to babysit! It was a total blast from the past.
Chaedon gets his braces on next week...
And I'm getting mine on soon too!!! WHAT, you might ask?! Well, I never got a permanent retainer, and my teeth have moved a lot and crowded somewhat as well. Aesthetically, it's all fixable (7 to 8 months, he says) for the cost of my plan's coverage, which means I'll never have to pay a dime for him re-fixing my teeth! WOO! I felt terrible showing him his hard work/what time has done to it, but it will be awesome to realign everything and put my smile back on track. :D

Look forward to some serious documentation. It's a thousand times more interesting as an adult. Call me metal mouth or brace-face, but look out world, my smile is improving!!


Joni said...

Woo-hoo! Good for you. I totally need to have that done but at the rate I'm going, I will be the 70 year old hottie with braces on my teeth!!!

Do you get head gear? If so, I totally expect to see pix!!!

Colette and The Chickenwings said...

Oh lucky you two!! At least Chaedon will have someone to share the adjustment to no popcorn, chewy Christmas toffy, or caramels. I was supposed to have braces too as a teenager, but it would have ruined my bright career in the high school band...I still have not followed up on that. I'm looking forward to seeing your post-braces post!!

Unknown said...

I will definitely be calling you brace-face! Hahah. Look on the bright side, it'll make you look younger! :D

Mary said...

Nice. Flossing will be a nightmare, the inside of your lips will get all torn up, and you'll have a freakin' awesome smile! Woot!