Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Yesterday was parent-teacher-conference. As I walked to the school, I suddenly had a burst of severe old age. I know, many of my friends have been doing this for a long time -and it's certainly no big deal. This was a small seemingly insignificant rite-of-passage, but it really came in to focus to me as I approached. I wasn't the girl I used to know: the woman with no children, no husband, no responsibility to anyone other than myself. My life has transformed to being all about these other people around me, and I am lost in the shuffle right now.
...Maybe this is what growing old is.



Kate said...

Enjoy it. I wish I were in your shoes! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the picture, though! Hey, it's good to mean so much to someone else, isn't it? I do think it's important to have something just for YOU. A hobby, excersize, a good book, etc. Are you doing something (besides for everyone else)? Do it! :)

mommynolan said...

Yes, life's cycle is a surprise to all of us. But I am sure you were the most beautiful-well put together- mother to show up!

Joni said...

Ha! I love that pix! It totally doesn't look anything like you will look, because you will be a hot old lady, but you have many more years before you have to worry about that :)

As for your life revolving around your little ones....get used to it, enjoy every minute of it and be as involved as you can because although it may seem like forever away that those little ones will grow up, it's actually just around the corner. I get sad every time I realize that Miss Kadee is almost 17. I'm pretty sure I will hold her hostage and not allow her to move out.....Does that make me a crazy old lady? :)

Mary said...

Rite of passage, maybe. You're not that old, although 32 is right around the corner . . . and you look much better than the grandma in that picture.