Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy B-Day, Chaedon!

September 16th was Chaedon's birthday! The fam got together and had a fantastic picnic at the park.

Left to right; Chaston, Ella, Mia, Aneesa. Do you notice our little Mia mooching some bites? ...Classic.
Here's our new teenager!! Terrible lighting in this photo! GRUFF.
Here's me and Mia.
Here's Chaedon and Ella while singing "Happy Birthday" --with no candles on the cake. :)
Me and hot-bunz.


Kate said...

I didn't realize until now that Chaedon is only a few months older than our Nathan, who will be 13 in January. We should get those two together sometime! xoxo

Joni said...

Hot-bunz!!! You kill me Becca!

Looks like a fun party. I hope you have better luck with your 13 yo boy than we are having with our 13 yo girl. What a freaking nightmare!

What cute crafty do you want for Bri-babes? I would love to make you something!!! If you can get me 3 pix of each of your girls I can make you some cute MOM blocks!!!

Mary said...

Happy Burp-day!