Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Everyone likes to see the baby!

Here are some pictures I took yesterday!

I must also say that it's BIRTHDAY season! This used to be a dry-spell for my family, but with all the additions, we're looking at a LOT more! Today is Chaedon's birthday, and my boy is an official TEENAGER. I'll write more about him later when I score a good picture! :) We also hit Lex & Noah's birthday, and I must say that as mine is creeping up on Oct 2, we're starting to hit celebration mode for MEEEE (right, hunny?)


Mary said...

It used to be just July . . . we hardly get a respite anymore! Check out my new post for some more cute pictures.

Anonymous said...

So sweet. And family birthdays are so fun. You and my husband share the same birthday.

skipper said...

She's so beautiful!

Joni said...

She is a doll! I love that you get so excited for your burpday, I dread mine!!!

Rachael said...

Um, not so fast! I think you're forgetting TESSA'S birthday in there too!!!!


Love the pictures - she's already changing so much!