Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Calling any computer genius?!

SHAMEY SHAMEY SHAMEY. I should have gone to Mom’s a LONG time ago once we discovered that the crummy computer at home isn’t going to turn on without some serious help from someone who knows what he’s doing (ahem, Allen? SOMEONE???? Surely one of my readers has a knack for fixing computers for cool chicks -for FREE?!)… Thus no blog updates, which is sad for everyone, right?! Anywho, here’s the catch-me-up. The weekend was CRAZY busy, but that’s how we like it.

Lance’s sister Candace and Scotty got married. Um, yeah, they were married before. I guess when stuff goes downhill and you can get a non-contested divorce finalized within weeks, being separated for just over a month took a BIG toll… They’ve been together almost as long and Lance and I have. Kinda funny –but very romantic- that they had this special day to bring it all back together. I'll post some pictures on that later...

We had my work party, for which I completely missed the boat on taking pictures. You didn’t miss anything. The food was terrible, and unfortunately because of rain/ grumpy kiddos we took off pretty quickly. What happened to the good ole’ days when companies sprung for some cheap Lagoon tickets? *I miss Boyer!

On Saturday morning we found out that the fam-dam-bly is official expanded by one, as Phoebe Alexis made her way into the world! Congratulations to Dave, Lexie, and Noah on their new addition!

I love blogs. I love that there is a way to stay updated with my friends and family using modern and quick technology! I love that I have an outlet for the digital pictures I take! I love that I can have this published and actually hold it in my hands! I love even more that I have this record of our lives for my children –that they can see so much of their lives from the unique perspective of their mother. It’s a wonderful thing! Long ago I used to be an avid journal keeper. If you look in my living room, you’ll find a stack of journals –probably around 10 or 12 that chronicle my life as a tween through early 20’s. Some of it isn’t pretty, and I haven’t decided whether or not the journals will ever be read by my children. I’m such a different person now, and as I grow and as they grow, my experience and perspective will also differ. I’ll have much more wisdom to offer in time rather than reading the emotional crummy mistakes and crushes from a different era. …Not to say it wouldn’t be entertaining. I just think that this forum is excellent –it’s diplomatically (heh) written with them in mind –they get the best of the experience at present and the writing really is for them. Blogs ROCK.


skipper said...

Amen to that! I also love blogging and I love your blog!

Mary said...

I'll volunteer Allen to hook you up when we come up on Saturday. Blogs are fun--I totally agree! Love ya!

Ashlee said...

Blogs DO rock! Amen!

Joni said...

Pheobe is such a beautiful name, congrats on the new baby and the second marriage! I agree about blogging, not only does is create a record of our lives but for me it is very therapeutic! I miss you when you don't blog!