Monday, May 18, 2009

In The Pursuit Of Happiness #7

Moms are DA BOMB. Today my sweetheart of a mom picked me up from work and even helped me pick up my babies from Miss Lynn -the best PreSchool teacher in the world. Lance had our van but needed to sleep earlier because of all of his extra hours over the weekend.

Today it made me happy to see my mom and Granny kicking it in Granny's mini-van, toolin' around town. When I got in, they told me tales of Albertsons lines & sales, tales of shaking their hands infront of the car vents with people thinking they're crazy in the winter, and they even simultaneously applauded that other cars who stopped for ducks even though it nearly made mom rear-end them! They're quite a pair, and I love them dearly.


mommynolan said...

I am glad you like us . . . because someday you will be us! Scary but true, I should know.

skipper said...

I love your "pursuit of happiness" posts. It's definitely always best to search out what makes us happy!