Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Ok, so I’m REALLY tired! On Saturday morning Lance and I stood on the porch and stared out at no little drizzle –but a FREAKIN’ DOWNPOUR!!! We wondered if we should put the entire move off, and also began to question whether or not we’d have any kind of showing for the help we wrangled. GRATEFULLY, my brother-in-law Scotty’s work schedule changed and he had the day off, and then Lance’s other friends showed up too… The boys worked HARD, with no real breaks due to the rain (not so bad, in that respect, heh) and got the house emptied in no time. While they worked I finished the master bathroom (who can pack that kind of stuff early?) and the kitchen –with the last of the dishes that needed to be cleaned, etc. I got the house cleaned pretty well while they unloaded the 1st load, and was ready to go back with them for the 2nd and final load. Lots of pizza and a promised round-o-golf later, we said good-bye to the guys and continued to work.
Between Saturday and Sunday I got most of the house unpacked. I took yesterday off from work to recuperate –however- I was surprised at how UN-motivated I was, as it was mostly done anyway. Taking this day off was worse for me than planned, as the exhaustion settled in. I have a bum ankle (different story for a different day: involving a grand entrance “Hola mi familia, you look familia!” and heels– you do the math) that freaks out when I ‘over-do’ it, and it was KILLING me. Tylenol. Good stuff. NOT.
Anywho, I will post some pictures of the place all put together later. It’s fabulous –with LOTS more space than what we’ve been cramped into the last 5 months (although we loved the house). I need to go get more stuff! Right hunny?


Jessica said...

I couldn't imagine moving right now, this pregnancy has exhausted me more than ever. I tell Shane I feel like an old lady! I'm glad you got it over with and can't wait to see your new place.

mommynolan said...

I think it looks great the way it is. Space it such a precious commodity, enjoy it! There is such a thing as too much stuff. Take it from one who has WAY too much stuff! Love, An OS(over stuffed)MOM

Anonymous said...

Well, at least that's out of the way! I just try not to think about moving all our stuff when the time comes. It makes me sick thinking about un-superman-ly men (meaning normal humans) moving the piano, heavy, breakable furniture!! I have to look the other way!!