Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dino-Mite Birthday Party!

Ella's birthday party was a great success! Here's our star at the beginning of the day!
Here I am, gearing up for the fun... If you look carefully, yes, you'll see our un-hung curtains -wanna do that today, hunny? And you'll also see a little hand reaching up on the night-stand getting into mischief. Babies rock! We all met at Willow Park. Left to right, we have Candace, Scotty (holding Chaston), Debbie, Donny, and Granny's back.
The kids started out playing on all the toys (YAY for parks!). Mia actually did the slide without too much trauma! Here's Uncle Seuao letting her go and Nanny waiting to catch her!
BTW- THANK YOU MARY for lending us Benny's jacket. In all our rushing for the day we didn't pack warmer clothes for the kids -and it turned pretty nippy in the evening.
Apprehensive, yeah, but you GOTTA be able to work a slide, man. Go Mia!
Can you see the joy? Me neither.
Here's the birthday girl on the slide! That's a pregnant Lex in the background!
We had some fun frames that the kids were able to put some foamy dinosaur stickers on for something fun to take home. Yes, next to Ella is one of her MANY Pokemon.
Here's Lex and Noah!
Left to right, Mary, Benny-babes, Lex, Rach's eyes and nose, Noah, Ella, Me and Scotty.
Here's Ella and cousin Aneesa!
Simple craft, lots of fun.
Mia kept herself busy with the wagon.
ELLA GOT A NEW BIKE! We were SO nervous about her getting on it, but the excitement and motivation were really high -the girl jumped on and went for it! Thank goodness for training wheels.
She's showing Aneesa here.
Lots of excitement!
Ella's two grandma's are in the picture here -there's Nanny on the left and Debbie on the right.
Amidst the chill, the candles were ROUGH to get lit! Thanks Scotty and Lance!
The cake is a DARLING dinosaur -orange flavored (mmm, delish!) with Green and Orange colors -Ella's favorite. My little princess. Not. THANK YOU KAREN (dear dear friend of mine)- QUEEN O' CAKES!
Side Bar: if you look at the bottom of the cake, you'll see where the green icing is all mashed in... Remember the BLUE jacket I was wearing at the beginning of the day? Yeah, my boob got the cake. Luckily few noticed. ...Token casualty.
Mobile Mia!
Still mobile, but taking a rest! Here's Mia with her cousins Lily and Noah.
To my family and Lance's, THANK YOU all SO dearly for the lovely gifts and amazing display of love and support for us and for Ella in celebration of her 5th birthday! Thanks to Erin, too, who was a HUGE help to me with wrangling kiddos, picture taking, and overall sanity keeping.
In looking at the chaos, there was just so much love. My little Ella is such a jewel in this family -she deserves to be celebrated. I'm so grateful to be her mom. Her real birthday is tomorrow, and I simply can't believe that she has 5 long years under her belt. I love you, sweetie!


Kate said...

What a fun party! I need you to plan my next shin-dig. Happy birthday, Ella!

By the way, you look beautiful with your pregnancy glow. xoxo

Lexy said...

Nice work with the party it was a lot of fun! Noah I know got a total kick out of it! :)

mommynolan said...

It was lots of fun...even the food was good :) Ella does deserve to be celebrated. Happy 5 LaLa girl. Nanny

Mary said...

It was a fun party--nice work on the planning and execution. You're welcome for the jacket! I'm glad it fit! :o)

Joni said...

Looks like the party was so much fun! Ella looks darling! I love that she is into Pokemon! Hunter has ONE girl in his class that likes Pokemon and he is in total awe of her!

something very bright said...

Happy birthday Ella!

Rachael said...

Cute pics & a GREAT party!

Anonymous said...

Totally fun! And I love the story about the breast in the cake. Hey, we can't help it if they won't stay out of the way!! :)

Colette and The Chickenwings said...

Okay super mom! My favorite by far of all the pictures is the one with you at the beginning of the day with the little sneaky hand in the background. Classic!!