Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The effects of pregnancy are emerging –and not just in extreme um, grouchiness. I am sportin’ some MAJOR fatigue, and this is PUSH THROUGH THE PAIN week at our house. Lance and I have a list of different chores that we’re trying to work through during the week in terms of packing/ cleaning, etc. Yesterday I fell short as after packing a few “décor” boxes from the living room, making spaghetti & artichokes, and taking the girls to Connor’s (darling little boy who lives by my mom) birthday party, I looked at the house and couldn’t do any more. It’s not like me to leave a disaster –and when they say that your home is a reflection of your mind, it’s VERY TRUE! The disorganization that comes with boxes everywhere and the lack of the “homey” feeling that comes when I have things put together makes me crazy!
I hate moving!
Today I’m going through the girl’s toys and will be discarding everything that doesn’t have a real “home”. I feel kinda bad, but since Lance and myself are the main source of kid entertainment in our home, and most toys don’t get touched anyway, I really don’t feel that bad. ….And the fact that I have tossed many an obscure trash bag o’ toys in the past, letting go has never been difficult for me. Sorry girls. I love Charlie Brown too, but he’s not making the keeper list this go-round.


skipper said...

Don't feel bad about the toys, just make sure the girls aren't looking when they "get packed". I can't tell you how many toys have been "lost" in moves we've made. And I HATE moving, too!

mommynolan said...

What about the next little girl Sortor or the cousins? I do hope you sent them to DI at least. I guess that is why your house looks like your house and my house looks like mine. there are things I could leatn from you. Mom

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about 'stuff'. Not a pack rat. I think it drives Chad nuts, sometimes. I'm all too eager to toss it or take it to the DI than hang on to it. But it simplifies things!

As far as the move and being pregnant, that is a toughie. Sounds like you're trying to do a little every day. You'll get through it. Just keep the end goal in mind. Good luck!

Ashlee said...

Oh I LOVE the purging process that comes with a move! Where we are living now is the longest we have ever lived somewhere and I am feeling a desire to move just for the sake of going through every nook and cranny of our house to purge! Did you know we might be headed to Logan? You'll be my friend right? We hope to hear from USU this week or next at the latest. Also, I was SO excited to see that you want to be part of the book club! Yay! I hope the discussion begins soon. I was going to start it yesterday but my friend Shay was the one who chose the book so I was kind of waiting for her. Have a lovely day!